Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Favorite Money Saving ( and earning! ) Websites

There are many many ways you can save and earn money online...check out some of my favorite ones listed below.

YouData - Just by clicking on referred websites, you earn money. Simple as that. They aren't spammy sites...they are good, quality sites that I have really enjoyed learning about. Every Friday YouData transfers your weekly earnings into your PayPal account. Since joining about 2 months ago I have earned roughly around $30. You also can earn by referring people.

MyPoints - There are many different ways to earn "points" through this site. You can earn them by shopping online, reading emails they send you, or doing surveys. Once you get a certain number of points, you can start redeeming them for Gift Cards. This site takes a little longer to earn money, but it's worth it! I have gotten a $25 BP gas card since I joined. Better than nothing!

VocalPoint - Sign up for this website and you will get coupons in the mail for free products. In the past I have gotten everything from coupons for Digiorno Pizza to Bumbleebee Tuna.

Kraft FirstTaste - This is another website where when you sign up you have oppurtunites to try products for free. Right now their promotions are the new Digiorno FlatBread Melts and Velveeta Mac N Cheese Cups.