Friday, June 19, 2009

Don't Forget! YouData's payday is tomorrow.

Today is when all of you should be getting your weekly pay from YouData. The pay has been kinda slim lately but they sent out an email recently promising it would pick up. At this point though, every penny counts!

If you don't know what YouData is, I wrote about it previously here. Its a great, easy way to make an extra few dollars!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Free Milkshake at Chick-fil-A for Dads on Saturday!

Fathers who go to any of the 132 metro Atlanta restaurants on Saturday, June 20 from 10:30 a.m. until closing time with their children will get one free 14-ounce milkshake. The limit is one per customer. I just tried the Peach flavor yesterday and it was delicious! Happy Father's Day guys!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Publix Deals w/ Printable Coupons 06/03


Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks (Or Sunkist, 4.5 to 9-oz box): $2.81
$.50/2: HERE
= $2.31 for 2
($1.15/each - save 59%)

Earth's Best Organic Baby Food (6 Months and Up, 4-oz jar): $.99
$1/10: HERE
= $3.95 for 10
($.39/each - save 61%)

Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies (Or Wafers or E.L. Fudge, 8.5 to 15-oz pkg.): $3.59
$1/1: HERE
= $2.59 for 2
($1.29/each - save 64%)

Kellogg's Cereal (Smart Start, 14.7 to 17.5-oz, Raisin Bran, 25.5-oz, or Raisin Bran Crunch, 18.2-oz box): $4.29
$1/1: HERE
= $2.29 for 2
($1.14/each - save 74%)

Kraft Mayo Real Mayonnaise (Or Miracle Whip Dressing: Original or Light, All-Out Squeeze!, 24-oz bot.): $5.15
$1/1: HERE $1/1 Target Q**: HERE $1/1 below
= $2.15 for 2
($1.07/each - save 80%)

Nestlé Toll House Refrigerated Dough (Or Cookie Mix, 16 or 16.5-oz pkg.): $3.49
$1/1: HERE
= $1.49 for 2
($.74/each - save 79%)

SeaPak Shrimp Co. Shrimp (Or Salmon, Tilapia, or Crab Cakes, 8 to 20-oz box): $7.59
$1/2: HERE
= $6.59 for 2
($3.29/each - save 57%)

Smart Balance Spread (Soft: Original or Light; or Buttery or Spray, Assorted Varieties, 8 to 15-oz pkg. or 2-ct. 7.5-oz tub): $3.09
$1/2: HERE
= $2.09 for 2
($1.04/each - save 67%)

South Beach Diet Bars (Or Granola Clusters or South Beach Living Granola Bars, Assorted Varieties, 5.25 to 6.15-oz box): $2.99
$1/1: HERE (explorer) or HERE (firefox)
= $.99 for 2
($.49/each - save 84%)

Wise Cheez Doodles (Cheese Flavored Corn Snacks: Crunchy, Puffed, or Honey BBQ, 8.5 to 9.5-oz bag): $2.99
$.50/1: HERE
= $1.99 for 2
($.99/each - save 67%)

Aquafresh Toothpaste (6.4-oz pkg.): $1.00
$1/1 Target Q**: HERE
= $0.00
**Note, Target Q wording states "Limit 1 per transaction"**
or$.75/1: HERE
= $.25

Boston Market Home Style Meals (9.7 to 16-oz box): $2.50
$1/3: HERE= $6.50 for 3

Campbell's Soup (Selected Varieties, 10.5 to 11.5-oz can): $1.00
$1/2: HERE
= $1.00 for 2
($.50/each - save 70%)

Dannon Activia Yogurt (Or DanActive Drinks, 4-pk. 3.1 or 4-oz cup): $2.00
$1/1: HERE (explorer) or HERE (firefox)
= $1.00

Del Monte Golden Ripe Pineapple (Whole or Peeled and Cored for Your Convenience, High in Vitamin C, each): $2.99
$.75/1: HERE (explorer) and HERE (firefox)
= $2.24/each
(save 56%)

Dixie Plates (Soak Proof Shield: 8 5/8" or 10 1/16" Ultra, 40 or 100-ct. pkg. or 16-oz Plastic Party Cups, Value Pack, 68-ct. pkg.): $3.69
$1/1 Target Q**: HERE
= $2.69

Dole Pineapple (20-oz can): $.99
$.50/1: HERE (explorer) or HERE (firefox)
= $.49

Excedrin Pain Medicine (20 or 24-ct. box): $2.50
$1/1: HERE
= $1.50

Glad Bags (Selected Varieties, 8, 13, or 30-gal, 14 to 28-ct. pkg.): $3.69
$1/1 Target Q**: HERE
= $2.69
(save 42%)

Healthy Choice Café Steamers Entrées (Or Healthy Choice Meals, 9.5 to 12.3-oz box): $2.50 $1/1: HERE
= $1.50
$1/2: HERE
= $4.00 for 2

Just For Men Hair Color (Or Touch of Gray, each): $5.99
$2/1: HERE
= $3.99Mail in Rebate makes it free: HERE

Kraft American Cheese Singles (Yellow or White, 16-oz pkg.): $3.00
$1/2: HERE$1/1: HERE
= $5.00 for 2

Kraft Chunk Cheese (Or Cracker Cut, 5 to 8-oz pkg.): $2.00
$1/2: HERE and HERE
= $3.00 for 2
$1/1 2% variety: HERE (explorer) or HERE (firefox)
= $1.00

Maxwell House Coffee (11 or 11.5-oz brick bag Limit four.): $1.99
$2/2: HERE
= $2.98 for 2
($1.49/each - save 58%)

Neosporin Ointment (Or Cream or Spray, .26 or .5-oz or 10-ct. box): $3.99
$1/1: HERE (explorer) and HERE (firefox)
= $2.99

Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls (Or Cinnamon Rolls, Grands! Buttermilk Biscuits, or Golden Layers Buttermilk or Butter Tastin' Biscuits, 4 to 12-oz can): $1.00
$.75/3: HERE
= $2.25 for 3
($.75/each - save 48%)

Starbucks Coffee (10 or 12-oz bag): $6.99
$1.50/1: HERE
= $5.49

Yoplait Yogurt (4 or 6-oz cup): $.50$1/8: HERE
= $3.00 for 8
or$.45/6: HERE
= $2.55 for 6

My Favorite Money Saving ( and earning! ) Websites

There are many many ways you can save and earn money online...check out some of my favorite ones listed below.

YouData - Just by clicking on referred websites, you earn money. Simple as that. They aren't spammy sites...they are good, quality sites that I have really enjoyed learning about. Every Friday YouData transfers your weekly earnings into your PayPal account. Since joining about 2 months ago I have earned roughly around $30. You also can earn by referring people.

MyPoints - There are many different ways to earn "points" through this site. You can earn them by shopping online, reading emails they send you, or doing surveys. Once you get a certain number of points, you can start redeeming them for Gift Cards. This site takes a little longer to earn money, but it's worth it! I have gotten a $25 BP gas card since I joined. Better than nothing!

VocalPoint - Sign up for this website and you will get coupons in the mail for free products. In the past I have gotten everything from coupons for Digiorno Pizza to Bumbleebee Tuna.

Kraft FirstTaste - This is another website where when you sign up you have oppurtunites to try products for free. Right now their promotions are the new Digiorno FlatBread Melts and Velveeta Mac N Cheese Cups.

Organic Coupons

Freebies for Today

  • Go get a free root beer float at Sonic from 8pm to midnight…today only!
  • Barbecue Sauce sample
  • Carefree liners and case
  • Click on the butterfly to download Coldplay’s new CD for free
  • Free on demand movie for Comcast Triple Play customers
  • Free sample of Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal here from Wal-Mart
  • For a limited time only Juicy Juice is offering a free 14oz reusable bottle here when you sign up for their community. This is different from the free sippy cup that they are offering – you can sign up for that as well if you haven’t already.
  • Free sample of Prilosec OTC Heartburn

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Free Roast Chicken Club Sandwich from Arby's for Moms

Click here to get your coupon for a free Roast Chicken Club Sandwich from Arby's for yourself or your mom. But hurry, it's only valid until Friday!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Target Deals

Kraft Salad Dressing - $1.59/each Use $1/2 Target coupon in the Target Coupon Generator, PLUS use $1/1 here (use 2) Final Price = $0.09/ea when you buy 2

Nabisco 100 Calorie Snacks (Cookies & Crackers) - $1.93/each. Use $1/1 Target coupon in the Target Coupon Generator PLUS use $1/1 manufacturer's coupon here Final Price = FREE

Crystal Light Drink Mixes - $2.99/each Use $1/1 here plus use $1/1 Target coupon in the Target Coupon Generator Final Price = FREE when you buy 2

Kraft/Velveeta Shells & Cheese - $1.50/ea Use $1/1 here Final Price = $0.50/ea

SoBe Lifewater - $1.00 each Use B1G1 Free here $0.50 each when you buy 2, after coupon

Tropicana Orange Juice (59 or 64 oz) - $2.99 eachUse $1/1 here or in 3/15 Red Plum insert $1.99 each after coupon

Betty Crocker Fruit Gushers (6 ct) - $1.88 each Use $0.75/2 here and here $1.51 each when you buy 2, after coupon

Archer Farms Trail Mix (16 oz) - $2.49 each Use $0.50/1 Target coupon here $1.99 each after coupon

Apples (select varieties) - $0.99/lb Use $1/1 Target coupon in the Target Coupon Generator FREE after coupon (when you buy 1 lb)

Nabisco 100 Calorie Snacks (Cookies & Crackers) - $1.93 each Use $1/1 Target coupon in the Target Coupon Generator PLUS use $1/1 manufacturer's coupon here FREE after coupons

Hershey's Bliss Candy Bar $0.99 each (by the register) Use $1.00/1 Target coupon in the Target Coupon Generator FREE after coupon

Pringles - $0.69 each (by the register) Use $0.50/1 Target coupon in the Target Coupon Generator $0.19 each after coupon

Kraft Mayo - $1.99 each Use $1/2 Target coupon in the Target Coupon Generator PLUS use $1/1 here or in 4/26 Smart Source insert (use 2) $0.49 each when you buy 2, after coupons

Del Monte Fruit Chillers - $2.00 each Use $1/1 here $1.00 each after coupon

Target Baby Body Wash - $1.25 each Use $0.75/1 Target coupon in the Target Coupon Generator $0.50 each after coupon

Monday, May 11, 2009

Kraft Food Coupons

Get up to $50.00 in printable Kraft coupons by clicking going to the coupons section of Kraft's website here.

You can also print these out at There appear to be some pretty high value coupons, hurry and print them before they are gone!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Here is your latest dose of freebies!

Clearance at American Eagle

American Eagle's clearance right now has an extra 20% off, plus when you use this code 64827797 at checkout, you get an EXTRA 40% off your total! This means really cheap jeans, flip-flops, or whatever else you find!

These jeans are only $9.58 after the discount.

Check out these wedge flip-flops which are $4.78 after discount.

This dress is only $7.18.

And this dress is $11.98

Check out this ruffle halter top for only $5.74. Too cute!

Shipping ranges around $5.00-$7.00, but it's SO worth it!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Free Family Summer Movies - 2009

During the summer months, a number of theaters across the country have free or really cheap summer movie promos. These are usually G or PG rated, showtimes are early in the morning ( 10am-ish ), and offer discounted popcorn/candy! I have compiled a list of theater chains that have Summer Movie Programs:

The movies are shown on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10am. ( metro ATL )

Family Film Festival FREE admission Tues & Wed 10am. ( nationwide )

Summer Movie Camp - Admission is $1 and is on Wed @ 10am . All admission and concessions proceeds from AMC Summer MovieCamp will benefit Variety – The Children's Charity and the Will Rogers Institute. ( nationwide )

Admission is $0.50 for this one, and showings are on Tues & Wed @ 10am. ( FL )

Admission is FREE and showtimes are at 10am. ( MD, VT, VA, and NY areas )

Days vary according to theater. Admission is $1.50 oer movie or you can buy admission to all 10 movies during the summer for $5. Showtimes are at 9:30am. ( San Diego, Arizona, Riverside )

Admission is $1.50 per movie, or $8 for all 11 movies. Showtimes are at 11am Tues-Fri.( UT )

Choose your location to see what your local theater offers.

Kids Rule Summer Series - Admission is $3, plus free complimentary size popcorn with admission. Wed & Thurs at 10am. ( IL, IA, MN, NE, ND, OH, WI )

Did I miss one in your area? Please let me know if I did and I will be sure to update the list!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Free 8x10 Photo

Walgreens Photo offers a Free 8x10 Photo Print with coupon MOTHER today May 6th only with free in-store pickup. This would be a great idea for a Mother's Day present!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Free 2 piece KFC Grilled Chicken Meal

Free 2 Piece KFC Grilled Meal with printable coupon - from Oprah show

Free 2 piece meal with two sides and a biscuit. Valid from 5/5/09 to 5/19/09, excluding Mother's Day. If you hit your back button after printing it will let you print another one.

But hurry, you gotta print this before midnight tomorrow 05/06!

Freebies :-)

Here is your latest dose of freebies....

  • Free sample of Cottonelle Ultra Toilet Paper and Wipes here.
  • Get a free coffee mug here.
  • Free Zyrtec sample.
  • Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal sample here.
  • Free sample of John Frieda Root Awakening here.
  • Get a FREE 2oz BabyGanics Grime Fighter All Purpose On-the-Go Cleaner here.
  • Free sample of Flush Doggy® flushable dog waste bags.
  • Free sample of Gas-X® Thin Strips

I have had some people ask me...why waste your time going to these sites for free samples?? Well...there are a number of reasons.'s free. Lol, isn't that reason enough? Second...generally when you get a free sample in the mail, they also send valuable coupons along with it. Third...the stuff like shampoo or body wash and whatnot really comes in handy when you travel. Instead of having to pack bulky bottles, I just throw a few packs of shampoo in my bag and can go. Its great for when travelling by plane, now that they have those size restrictions you don't have to wonder if your bottle is too large and risk the chance of throwing out an entire bottle of shampoo/body wash.

I do recommend getting the Google toolbar. There is a feature on it called AutoFill and with a simple click on that, it completely fills in all your info ( name, address, phone number ) for you on these sites. GREAT time saver! You can get it here.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Free Braves Admission

The Atlanta Braves have a promotion where you can get a free Braves ticket for you or your child's birthday! This disappointed me at first since Rylan's is in March, but they have it worked out to where if your birthday falls in the off-season, there is a designated month ( his would be September ) that you can go instead. If you go to a Sunday game, kids can run the bases after the game, how great is that! I have been itching to go to a Braves game lately so this is perfect for my upcoming birthday!

Click here for more details.
Baltimore Orioles also seem to have a similar promotion if you are ever in the area....

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Great Mall Sales & Freebies

There are some great sales going on this weekend at your local mall you should definitely take advanatge of! Here are some that i have rounded up:

Saturday & Sunday, May 2 & 3 – FREE Mother’s Day Tote at Build-A-Bear Workshops with a purchase of $15 or more, PLUS a furbulous $15 offer from Shutterfly...not sure what this "furbulous" offer is though....

Also at Build-A-Bear, when you buy this cute white seal for $8, you get a FREE year subscription of Good Housekeeping magazine and they also donate 50¢ from the sale of this friend to World Wildlife Fund to protect endangered animals and their habitats.

Take this coupon into Aeropostale to receive 25% off your until purchase valid 04/30/09-05/03/09.

Here is a printable one to use in-store for 25% your entire purchase at Macy's. If you prefer to shop online, just use the code MACYSFF to get the discount.

Victoria's Secret has a few coupons out right now:

Bath & Body Works ALWAYS has lots of store coupons:
If your mall has an Ann taylor Loft, here is one for 30% off your entire purchase through 5/03/09

$25 off any purchase of $50 or more at New York & Company. Better hurry, this one expires today (04/30) !!! If you don't make it in time to use that coupon, when you sign up for their email list here, you will automatically get a 20% off entir epurchase coupon.

Answer 12 questions here and get $10 off your next purchase of $10 at your closest DOTS store, which means you could potrentially spend ZERO out of pocket! I know these aren't in the mall, but its still a good deal! This coupon is good through May 11, 2009. Check here for your closest location.

Happy Shopping!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Clearance Finds

I found this shirt on clearance at Target for $3. Oh there are quite a few men I know that shirt would be perfect for :-)

Right now at their clearance is an extra 30% off. The shirt below is only $1.39.

This under-bra is $0.69.There is tons of cute stuff so go check it out before it's too late!!

Free Lunch this week!

Visit your local El Pollo Loco on Tuesday 04/28 to get a free meal, no strings attached! The Taste the Fire® Offer consists of one flame-grilled leg and one flame-grilled thigh, two tortillas (choice of flour or corn) and fresh salsa. It is for dine-in only, and you gotta get there before 8pm! Click here to go to their website to find the closest location.

And on Wednesday......

Order one of Domino's new Bread Bowl Pasta dishes online on Wednesday 04/29 between 11am and 2pm for carryout and get it for free. Hmmmm now to decide which to order....they all look delicious!

Free Apples at Target

There is a coupon right now on Target's website for $1 off 1-lb or more Bulk Apples. Generally, 2 large apples equal 1 lb....use the coupon and it makes these FREE.

Click here for the coupon and other Target printable coupons. The $1 off 4-oz. or larger Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs is also a good deal, these are on Price Cut right now for $1.94.... minus the $1 coupon you get a box of low cal snacks for under a dollar!

Op - Juniors Bamboo Terry Dress only $0.72!

Wal-Mart has a Op Juniors Bamboo Terry Dress for $0.72. Select free site-to-store shipping, otherwise pay just $0.72 to ship to your home. This is just too cute as a cover up for trips to the pool!

Friday, April 10, 2009

$15 ANY purchase at New York & Company

Print this coupon and get $15 off any purchase at New York & Company between April 10th and April 12th. Plus get a FREE Charm bracelet with any apparel purchase on Friday, April 10th. Find a shirt or undies that are only $15 and you get two items for FREE!
Thanks to Heather at NWA Deals for this fantastic find!

Ok, more Freebies!

There are an abundance of free things you can get right are some more for you to check out!

Free subscription to Maxim ( there are NO strings attached, I get this magazine plus about 5 other ones a month from this site! )

Free Precious Places “The Princesses Save the Ball” DVD from Mattel here

Join the Mighty Dog Nation and get a Free Citizenship Kit complete with a Mighty Dog Nation dog tag, founding documents citizenship papers, top Secret documents for citizens only and more!

Mr Clean Magic Erasers - can I tell you that that these are just about the BEST cleaning product out there!! I always have them on hand, from crayons on walls to scuff marks on the kitchen floor, these really work!! Get a Free Sample here!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

We ♥ Freebies!

Mall Freebies:

Use this printable coupon at Bath & Body Works by 4/22 to get a Free Signature Collection 3 oz Body Lotion ($5 value) with any purchase

Get a Free Antibacterial Soap ($5 Value) with a $10 Purchase at Bath & Body Works with this printable coupon!

Here is one for Bath & body Works as well for a free full size Signature Collection Body Care Item with $10 Purchase, Exp. 4/12

Victoria’s Secret: FREE Naturally Mini Body Lotion

Sign up for Pink Nation by Victoria's Secret here and as a welcoming gift, you'll get a free tote!

If your mall has an American Eagle aerie, stop by and sign up for their email list and you will get a free undie. Also, every month on Thursdays if you stop in you'll get a free gift.

Other Freebies:

Free travel pack from o.b. Tampons, free subscription to Prevention Magazine, Quaker Rice Snacks sample, Free Rachael Ray dogfood, free energizer hearing aid batteries, Get a FREE sample of Gillette Body Wash Plus Shampoo or Gillette Shampoo from Walmart here, Get a Free sample of New Huggies Pure & Natural diapers here, Free sippy cup from Juicy Juice by signing up here, Get a free sample of Protein2Go here, sample of Eucerin lotion, sample the scent of new Gain detergent here, a few samples of Always Infinity pads, if you suffer from allergies you'll love this sample from Zyrtec, and last but not is a sample for Crest's new toothpaste Pro-Health Enamel Shield!